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Residents of The Preserve will live next to the peaceful natural beauty of an expansive conservation area directly north of the estate lots. This conservation area is protected from future development and promises to provide a lasting habitat for native plants and wildlife. 

To reflect the conservation effort that gave The Preserve its name, a number of sustainable landscaping practices are required, including, but not limited to: 

  • Existing trees and other significant forms of vegetation and/or natural features are to be maintained and incorporated into landscape designs. 

  • Buildings, hardscape and related improvements must be sited appropriately to ensure perservation of existing trees. 

  • Synthetic materials shall be used minimally and only for landscaping in the side or back yards. 

  • Landscapes should use primarily native species to benefit the natural environment. 

  • Water quality management guidelines and practices, including rain gardens, check dams, and bioswales.

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